Goodbye my friend….


The other week I got a message from a good friend telling me that their dear friend Chevy had been diagnosed with leukaemia. My heart broke for her as I thought back to the several times I have gone through the loss of a pet. A pet isn’t just a pet. The pet is often a member of the family. I know in our house, we had dogs before there were children and now to watch the kids interact with the dogs, and watch the dogs protect and play with the kids is unbelievable. They know when you aren’t feeling well, when you are excited, when you are just happy to be there. Perhaps the best part about a dear friend like Chevy, is that he gives unconditional love. Dogs don’t care if you’re fat, thin, brown, white, tall, short. They just love you for who you are and because you chose to make them a part of your family.

So, one week later, after having the honour of photographing this fantastic dog and his family, we say goodbye dear friend. You will be missed.


Happy New Year… 11 days late


Happy New Year to our family, friends, and clients! and whoever else is out there in the blogisphere! What a great holiday we had. It was busy, but fantastic. It was so great to watch Christmas and New Years unfold through the eyes of the kids this year. There is seriously no better way to do it.

Now here we are…Christmas is back in the box. New Years has passed as well and we are almost half way through January. The days are getting longer…which means more daylight!!! and hopefully more sunlight for me!

Cheers to you and yours! Looking forward to taking your pictures this year!


“G” Family

What a fantastic family to work with. Can’t wait to take their pictures again soon.


“O’T” Family

This family was totally game for the cold weather…even though there may have been a football game on at home:)


Little “S”….sooo much fun

December is here!



We are busy getting all of our Christmas sessions edited! What a great time of year and I absolutely love going to meet new families and enjoying their small Christmas traditions through their pictures. We had such a great time with Baby E yesterday! He was such a ham and mom and dad were so great. Who could forget Dixon, the German Shepherd, who, of course, was in the family pictures:) 

Beautiful Baby Q


Wow! What a beautiful little girl we were able to work with on Saturday morning. Baby Q and her family arrived and we were amazed at how well everything went. She was in full cooperation and her family is so much fun. We are so pleased with how everything has turned out and hope the family is enjoying life with their little girl and her big brother:)

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